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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Desperate National Guard offers free iTunes

An ad appearing in college newspapers is offering three free iTunes downloads...in exchange for visiting the Army National Guard's Web site (1-800-GO-GUARD.COM/MUSIC).

What does music have to do with the Army National Guard? Well, Fahrenheit 9/11 showed soldiers in Iraq playing aggressive rock music on their PA systems to get them motivated to kill...

Incidentally, the fine print at the bottom of the ad contains this disclaimer: "Apple is not a participant or sponsor of this promotion." So Mac users can get your free downloads with a clear conscience...

...except that when you actually visit the site, you see this OTHER disclaimer: "Yes, I understand that the Army National Guard will send me information about great new Army National Guard benefits! I also understand that I will be contacted by a recruiter, and that's OK with me!"

Damn! There's STILL no free lunch...


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