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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chip the Tragic Racist

(Sung to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon")

Chip the tragic racist
mailed a CD
to everyone on his Christmas list
including the RNC

Little Chippy Saltsman
loved to be a cock
and so one song on his CD
made fun of black Barack

Some said they were "disgusted"
and others said "Big deal!
Barack the Magic Negro is
free speech, so let's get real." Oh!

Chip the tragic racist
mailed a CD
to everyone on his Christmas list
including the RNC

Racists are forever
no matter how we hope
just when we think change is finally here
along comes another dope

But one day it might happen
ignorance will come no more
and people like Chip Saltsman
will stop being such a boor...Oh!

(Repeat chorus ad nauseam)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rick Warren takes another baby step

Until yesterday, the Web site for the Rev. Rick Warren's Saddleback Church stated that "someone unwilling to repent for their homosexual lifestyle would not be accepted as a member at Saddleback" (see screenshot below). Now that language is gone.

Is Rick Warren finally getting it? Or is he just trying to be more politically correct, as inauguration day nears?


Ya think?

It's about time someone said this:
In elevating to a level of demiworship people with big bucks, we have been destroying the values of our future generation. We need a total rethinking of who the heroes are, who the role models are, who we should be honoring.

--Rabbi Benjamin Blech, professor of philosophy of law at Yeshiva University, on the downfall of disgraced financier Bernard Madoff

Monday, December 22, 2008

Warren changes his tune...sort of

Lesbian singer/songwriter Melissa Etheridge says Rick Warren called her last night and told her that he "regretted his choice of words in his video message to his congregation about proposition 8 when he mentioned pedophiles and those who commit incest." (See the video in my previous post.)

Warren also told Etheridge that "as a Christian he believed in equal rights for everyone" and that "every loving relationship should have equal protection."

But...Warren also told Etheridge that he "didn't want to see marriage redefined as anything other than between a man and a woman."

So, Pastor Warren, what term would you suggest for those "equal rights" and "equal protection" you mentioned, if "marriage" is off limits?


Rick Warren, hate criminal

I didn't fully understand the uproar over Rick Warren until I saw this video.

This man is not only a colossal bigot, hate-monger, and ignoramus (he knows nothing about religion, history, politics, math, science, sex, life, or love), but he's a terrible speaker to boot. Why is this man even being considered for a role in the inauguration?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bush, whacked (almost)

In case you haven't already seen it 50 times:

Yes, the video is peculiar—and kind of poignant. Here was this angry Iraqi, desperate to express his rage and contempt toward a man who had terminated or ruined hundreds of thousands of his fellow citizens’ lives and wrecked his country, and when he finally, finally--after years of waiting to do so--had the opportunity to make his feelings known . . . get some semblance of revenge . . . and maybe experience a flicker of justice . . . he missed.

And he missed despite his excellent aim. In fact, it looks like the only reason he missed is because Bush had received extensive training in how to duck, in case just such an event should occur. Ponder that for a moment.

It was interesting, too, how half-assed al-Maliki’s reaction was--he barely lifted a finger to deflect the second shoe. Tired, or complicit?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh God, Obama, no!

The honeymoon is over. Obama has made his first big, ugly mistake.

UPDATE: The Obama team's defense of his choice:
• This will be the most open, accessible, and inclusive Inauguration in American history.

• In keeping with the spirit of unity and common purpose this Inauguration will reflect, the President-elect and Vice President-elect have chosen some of the world's most gifted artists and people with broad appeal to participate in the inaugural ceremonies.

• Pastor Rick Warren has a long history of activism on behalf of the disadvantaged and the downtrodden. He's devoted his life to performing good works for the poor and leads the evangelical movement in addressing the global HIV/AIDS crisis. In fact, the President-elect recently addressed Rick Warren's Saddleback Civil Forum on Global Health to salute Warren's leadership in the struggle against HIV/AIDS and pledge his support to the effort in the years ahead.

• The President-elect disagrees with Pastor Warren on issues that affect the LGBT community. They disagree on other issues as well. But what's important is that they agree on many issues vital to the pursuit of social justice, including poverty relief and moving toward a sustainable planet; and they share a commitment to renewing America's promise by expanding opportunity at home and restoring our moral leadership abroad.

• As he's said again and again, the President-elect is committed to bringing together all sides of the faith discussion in search of common ground. That's the only way we'll be able to unite this country with the resolve and common purpose necessary to solve the challenges we face.

• The Inauguration will also involve Reverend Joseph Lowery, who will be delivering the official benediction at the Inauguration. Reverend Lowery is a giant of the civil rights movement who boasts a proudly progressive record on LGBT issues. He has been a leader in the struggle for civil rights for all Americans, gay or straight.

• And for the very first time, there will be a group representing the interests of LGBT Americans participating in the Inaugural Parade.


Monday, December 08, 2008

The repentant Bill Ayers

William Ayers, the former "terrorist," sounds like someone I wouldn't mind palling around with.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Not that this is news....

According to a major study done by the University of Maryland, the more commercial television news you watch, the more wrong you are likely to be about key elements of the Iraq War and its aftermath. The study also found that the more you watch Fox News, in particular, the more likely it is that your perceptions about the war are wrong.

Among the other results of the study:

• Forty-eight percent of the public believe US troops found evidence of close pre-war links between Iraq and the al-Qaeda terrorist group; 22 percent thought troops found weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq; and 25 percent believed that world public opinion favored Washington's going to war with Iraq. All three are misperceptions.

• The more misperceptions held by the respondent, the more likely it was that s/he both supported the war and depended on commercial television for news about it.

• Sixty percent of the people surveyed held at least one of the three misperceptions through September. Thirty percent of respondents had none of those misperceptions.

• The percentage of people holding the misperceptions rose slightly over the last three months. In July, for example, polls found that 45 percent of the public believed US forces had found "clear evidence in Iraq that Hussein was working closely with al-Qaeda". In September, 49 percent believed that.

• Likewise, those who believed troops had found WMD in Iraq jumped from 21 percent in July to 24 percent in September. One in five respondents said they believed that Iraq had actually used chemical or biological weapons during the war.

• There was a high correlation between respondents with the most misperceptions and their support for the decision to go to war. Only 23 percent of those who held none of the three misperceptions supported the war, while 53 percent who held one misperception did so. Of those who believe that both WMDs and evidence of al-Qaeda ties have been found in Iraq and that world opinion backed the United States, a whopping 86 percent said they supported war.

• Among those who believed that Washington had found clear evidence of close ties between Hussein and al-Qaeda, two-thirds held the view that going to war was the best thing to do. Only 29 percent felt that way among those who did not believe that such evidence had been found.

• Republicans were substantially "more likely" to hold misperceptions than Democrats.

• The average frequency of misperceptions among respondents who planned to vote for Bush was 45 percent, while among those who plan to vote for a hypothetical Democrat candidate, the frequency averaged only 17 percent.

• When asked "Has the US found clear evidence Saddam Hussein was working closely with al-Qaeda"? 68 percent of Bush supporters replied affirmatively. By contrast, two of every three Democrat-backers said no.

• For each of the three misperceptions, the study found enormous differences between the viewers of Fox, who held the most misperceptions, and NPR/PBS, who held the fewest by far. Eighty percent of Fox viewers were found to hold at least one misperception, compared to 23 percent of NPR/PBS consumers. All the other media fell in between. CBS ranked right behind Fox with a 71 percent score, while CNN and NBC tied as the best-performing commercial broadcast audience at 55 percent. Forty-seven percent of print media readers held at least one misperception.

• As to the number of misconceptions held by their audiences, Fox far outscored all of its rivals. A whopping 45 percent of its viewers believed all three misperceptions, while the other commercial networks scored between 12 percent and 16 percent. Only nine percent of readers believed all three, while only four percent of the NPR/PBS audience did.

• Seventy-eight percent of Bush supporters who watch Fox News said they thought the United States had found evidence of a direct link to al-Qaeda, while 50 percent of Bush supporters who rely on NPR/PBS thought so.

• Conversely, 48 percent of Fox viewers who said they would support a Democrat believed that such evidence had been found. But none of the Democrat-backers who relied on NPR/PBS believed it.

• The study also debunked the notion that misperceptions were due mainly to the lack of exposure to news. Among Bush supporters, those who said they follow the news "very closely" were found more likely to hold misperceptions. Those Bush supporters, on the other hand, who say they follow the news "somewhat closely" or "not closely at all" held fewer misperceptions. Conversely, those Democratic supporters who said they did not follow the news very closely were found to be twice as likely to hold misperceptions as those who said they did.


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Update: ornament won't be hung after all

Apparently, someone at the White House actually looked at the "Impeach Bush" Christmas tree ornament and decided against hanging it. Sally McDonough, Laura Bush's spokeswoman, said, "It's inappropriate and it's not being hung. We reviewed the ornament along with all the [other] ornaments, and Mrs. Bush deemed it inappropriate for the holiday tree."

Deborah Lawrence, the artist who created the ornament, responded, "Oh, dear. This doesn't really surprise me. But it's disappointing that I won't get to see it on the tree."


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bush repents...sort of

In an interview with ABC's Charlie Gibson, Bush finally said he was sorry - sort of - for some of the messes he's made.

On Iraq:
I think I was unprepared for war. In other words, I didn't campaign and say, "Please vote for me, I'll be able to handle an attack." In other words, I didn't anticipate war. Presidents - one of the things about the modern presidency is that the unexpected will happen.

Uh, yeah, especially if you make it happen.

On the economic crisis:
I'm sorry it's happening, of course. Obviously I don't like the idea of people losing jobs, or being worried about their 401(k)s. On the other hand, the American people got to know that we will safeguard the system. I mean, we're in. And if we need to be in more, we will.

So...bring it on?

On helping to lose the election for McCain:
I think it was a repudiation of Republicans. And I'm sure some people voted for Barack Obama because of me. I think most people voted for Barack Obama because they decided they wanted him to be in their living room for the next four years explaining policy.

Yeah, and it'll take at least four years to clear the stench out of our living rooms...


"Impeach Bush" Christmas ornament hanging on White House tree

Seattle artist Deborah Lawrence says that when she received an invitation to design a Christmas ornament for the White House tree, "I was at first nauseated, then realized it was an opportunity."

She took advantage of that opportunity to make a political statement, and now her "Impeach Bush" ornament is miraculously hanging from the White House Christmas tree.

The rest